The Conversation Workshop Overview 

Let’s take this step by step.  This is where our team began the journey with our Ministry.  It all started with participation and training (sponsored by Horizon Foundation) to lead the workshop at St. John’s.

  1. What is the Conversation Workshop? In this full length video listen to the founder of The Conversation Project, Ellen Goodman, and her passion to get people talking about their End-of-Life wishes.
  (12 min)
  (5 min)

  1. Do your research and get information here:                                                                                              
  1. Use our Parish Conversation Workshop Presentation Video to guide your conversation preparation. You have options.  Use the link below or check out a copy of the video from the Interfaith Library at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.                                                                                  


  1. Workbooks, to guide your conversation, are currently available through our Ministry Team, or can be downloaded from the Speak(easy) website at:


  1. If you prefer assistance, send a request to Audrey Marsh ( to have one of our experienced team members guide your small-group or family gathering through the presentation of the workshop.











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