Healing Community

A Prison Ministry Station of Hope

In six large institutions off Route 175 between Route 1 and the BW Parkway, several thousand men and women are incarcerated. Through our St. John’s Prison Ministry Program, many of us at St. John’s have met inmates who have touched our hearts by their remorse, faith in a loving and forgiving God, and determination to make good upon release. We feel called to do more to help them and our parishioners affected by the justice system.

The Healing Community organization has been created to provide information and support to our parishioners: returning citizens, families of the incarcerated and victims.  If you would like to join the effort, please call Mary Pat Donelan, marypatd@verizon.net

In the parish bulletin each week you will find: “Prison Ministry – Healing Community Corner ” which includes information about various aspects of our justice system. It’s clear to us that big changes are needed. Knowledge is power. If we don’t learn about the system and try to get the changes made to help our affected brothers and sister, then who will?


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