Diversity and Inclusion Ministry

“St. John the Evangelist’s diversity and inclusion ministry recognizes and shares our deep belief that we are all created uniquely different by the all-knowing God and that’s beautiful.  As a community, our diversity is what makes us reflect the fore-taste of our eternal home- the beatific vision.

click to watch our multicultural mass

You are  warmly invited to join our committee. Volunteers are always welcome and no experience necessary. The committee generally meets the third Wednesday of the month, 7.00pm at Wilde Lake. For more information, to offer suggestions or to join the committee, contact Chairperson Ulumma Abii at 443 538-7097 or Fr. Ferdinand Ezenwachi 410-964-1425 x 313 FEzenwachi@sjerc.org  the spiritual director.

Pictures from the Cultural Cafe after the June 2019 Multicultural Mass




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