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(Quote from Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalist.)


The goal of this ministry is to provide information, guidance, and support for our parishioners and their loved ones so that wishes for end-of-life care may be expressed and respected. End-of-life planning can be a true gift to yourself and to your loved ones. It offers an opportunity for the meaningful sharing of hopes and expectations for the future, as well as feelings and values about both life and death.

This ministry is part of a worldwide campaign to transform the dying part of human experience.  It provides parishioners with the tools, guidance, and resources of The Conversation Project, an initiative that began in 2010 to help individuals begin talking about dying with their loved ones and what they want at the end of their life. (

The St. John the Evangelist RC Community has partnered with the Horizon Foundation and other groups in Howard County to teach residents about The Conversation Project and encourage them to have “The Conversation” with a small group or their family. A public campaign known as Speak(easy) Howard encourages residents to think through their preferences for care, talk about them with loved ones, and name a Health Care Agent, the person you choose to make medical decisions if you can’t. (

Our Parish offers a variety of resources, including videos, workbooks and other materials, sample documents, workshops, and special events, to help parishioners have “The Conversation.”  We encourage parishioners in all life stages to explore the Gift of Peace Ministry resources and reach out to our Ministry Team for assistance. 

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